EOR Building Projects

Engineering On Records Building Projects

At Ross Bryan Associates, Inc., we work with architects, owners, and fabricators to create the most efficient design. Using CAD software from MicroStation, Revit, and AutoCAD, Ross Bryan Associates, Inc., can make its services compatible with their clients’ production medium. Also, with specialized specification software, Ross Bryan Associates, Inc., engineers are able to stay current with the leading edge of design codes and specifications.

A staff of 13 Senior Associates, Vice Presidents, and Principals with the support of 11 engineers and 5 additional drafters, Ross Bryan Associates, Inc. is capable of designing the most complicated of structures.

During the preliminary design phase, engineers will choose the most practical materials and compare different design concepts to optimize the overall design. Employees of Ross Bryan Associates, Inc., have design experience with precast and prestressed concrete, cast-in-place concrete, post-tensioned concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, steel, composite steel, load-bearing studs, aluminum, and wood.

The final design implements the optimal design based on preliminary studies and the client’s needs.  Structural elements are designed and analyzed to ensure the design meets all of the project specifications.  Our engineers work with design software, including STAAD, RAM, Concise, and PCA.

As a result, Ross Bryan Associates, Inc., designs structures to enable the owner’s vision and the architects’ design with stability, safety, security, and efficiency in mind.

The Opryland Hotel and Convention Center was a project for the firm that has expanded over the years and put the firm into the convention center business.  Over a billion dollars worth of centers have been designed by the firm.