Investigative Services

Structural Consultant to Building Owners and Managers

As an extension of building design and investigative work, the firm provides evaluation services for building owners and managers. This includes the evaluation of parking structures, brick facades, roofs, foundations, or other building structure components. The firm also analyzes existing buildings to determine floor load capacities, seismic resistance, and alternatives when major renovations are considered, such as the addition of elevators, stairs, or additional floors.

Structural Consultant to Government Agencies

Firm projects have included the design and development of contract documents for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Projects included flood control structures in Kentucky and dam stabilization studies and control documents at Wolf Creek and Center Hill Dams. Drawings were developed on Intergraph-Compatible CAD systems to comply with the client’s requirements.

Forensic Structural Investigation Projects

A consistent segment of the firm’s work consists of investigation projects. These projects include the investigation and/or analysis of failed or distressed structures that are performed for numerous clients, including architects, owners, engineers, insurance companies, and attorneys. This type of work can range from the investigation of an individual residence for damage from settlement, blasting, or fire to the analysis of a large office building with structural problems and bridge structures. Studies of bridge deterioration have been completed for various clients, and projects have included the I-440 bypass and other state highway work.

Construction Monitoring and Services to Lending Institutions

Ross Bryan Associates, Inc., has been providing consulting services to banks and insurance companies since 1975. In this role, the firm draws upon its more than 60 years of experience in the construction and engineering fields to assist these institutions in their role as lenders to contractors and developers. Ross Bryan Associates, Inc.’s, experience enables us to provide the lending institutions with technical information that is needed as the project advances through its various stages to completion, such as review of documents, on-site inspections, and review of existing facilities.This broad experience allows the development of a professional staff, which is exposed to diverse design conditions. Ross Bryan Associates, Inc.’s, expertise is brought to bear on each project that involves a unique problem requiring resolution.