Structural Design

At Ross Bryan Associates, Inc., we work with architects, owners, and fabricators to create the most efficient design.  An engineering staff of 3 Principals, 2 Vice Presidents, 3 Senior Associates, and 2 Associates with the support of 8 engineers and 5 additional drafters, Ross Bryan Associates, Inc., is capable of efficiently designing the most complicated of structures.

Ross Bryan Associates, Inc., boasts a strong relationship with Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corporation as their consultant for design of sign structures for their retail locations across America. Ross Bryan Associates, Inc., provides custom engineering designs as well as design of national sign products across the United States through our ongoing relationship with Architectural Graphics, Inc., for over 20 years, including engineering of signage at Lucas Oil Field, Target Field, Yankee Stadium, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, Hyundai, Jiffy Lube, and Mercedes-Benz, and most recently with Hampton’s A1 Signs for the Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee.

The firm’s knowledge in the precast and prestressed concrete industry spans five decades. Employees have worked directly with the overall design of parking structures and precast stadium elements, and others have worked to design precast concrete and glass fiber reinforced concrete wall panels with an architectural finish.

Precast and prestressed manufacturers aware of Ross Bryan Associates, Inc., experience with the industry have recruited RBA to design elements of their precast facilities. Over the past few decades, Ross Bryan Associates, Inc., has worked on projects for the manufacturing industry, including the design of prestress beds.