Raleigh Convention Center

About This Project

The 509,194-square-foot Raleigh Convention Center consists of a 144,000-square-foot exhibit hall, a 43,000-square-foot ballroom, 27,000-square-feet of meeting space in 17 rooms, and a full banquet kitchen with back-of-house service. The three-level center is well suited to the rolling terrain of Raleigh. Every opportunity has been taken to use the level changes to help organize public circulation both horizontally and vertically. In doing so, the circulation benefits from the various views to and from the site.

The structural framing is a combination of structural steel trusses with steel beam purlins and concrete beams with floor joists. Shear walls and steel-braced frames provide lateral stability. Foundations are constructed with caissons bearing on rock.

Raleigh, North Carolina