Pennsylvania Convention Center

About This Project

This 1,200,000-square-foot facility combines historical renovation of the Reading Railroad Terminal and a newly constructed convention hall. The Reading Railroad Terminal is a wrought iron structure using hot rivets, which was completed in 1891. The roof span is 285 feet and is supported by three hinged arch trusses. It was the longest span of its type constructed in the United States. The structure was renovated to reestablish its integrity and support new levels for a ballroom and meeting rooms.

The convention hall is a two-story structure covering four city blocks adjacent to the Reading Terminal. This 800,000-square-foot structure was designed with a concrete convention hall floor spanning a 60 x 60-foot grid capable of supporting 350 pounds per square foot. The roof structure over the convention hall spans a 120 x 120 foot grid with steel trusses.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania