The University of Tennessee: Zeanah Engineering Complex

About This Project

The new Zeanah Engineering Complex serves as the new Gateway to Engineering for students at the University of  Tennessee. The facility provides state-of-the-art research, collaboration, and educational facilities for engineering students, faculty, and staff. The structure consists of one-way mild reinforced 8″-thick concrete slabs, post-tensioned concrete beams, and concrete columns. The John and Ann Tickle Atrium serves as the circulatory heart of the facility and is accentuated by a dramatic six-story suspended monumental stair. The new innovation and collaboration studio is located in the southwest wing of the building and is connected to full-service metal and wood shops. Full height bi-fold glass doors can be opened to connect the studio to the large southern courtyard. The nuclear engineering radiation laboratories house a linear accelerator and graphite pile storage. This nuclear area is shielded by thickened concrete walls and a concrete shielding lid.

Knoxville, Tennessee