What we provide for you

Structural Design

Our expertise in structural design can be seen in structures across America from signs to convention centers, residences and parking structures.  Using our long and varied experience with the latest in computer technology and software, Ross Bryan Associates, Inc.’s, engineers work to enable the designs of their clients with secure, stable, and efficient structural design.

Structural Restoration

Either Structural or historical in nature, our broad experience as consulting engineers and our attention to detail has helped our clients with solutions to critical elements inherent in all phases of a variety of restoration projects.

Investigative Services

Our work ranges from the investigation of a residence for damage from settlement, blasting, or fire to the analysis of a large office building or bridge with structural problems.  Licensed Professional Engineers lead each of our investigation projects, and the team of Ross Bryan Associates, Inc., professionals works together to understand situations and provide solutions for all types of structural distress.

Auditing Services

RBA Audit, LLC, A Subsidiary of Ross Bryan Associates, Inc., is the auditing agency for the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute and has been since the inception of the Plant Certification Program in 1967. In that role, the firm audits approximately 237 precast concrete plants across the United States. During unannounced audits, the facilities are audited for conformance with the criteria established by the program. RBA Audit, LLC, also audits plants for the National Precast Concrete Association.